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Culture of judo

For today, that will be good enough

By Personal development, Culture of judo

We’ve all heard it said: “Good is good enough”, or “Leave well enough alone”. Those sayings convey a form of popular wisdom — the idea that there are times in life when aiming for a higher level of perfection can be counterproductive and that things should just be left the way they are. My native French has a very similar saying (“Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien”) loosely adapted from something that philosopher Montesquieu famously wrote three hundred years ago.

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To fight fairly and with respect: A primer on respectful debate from the world of martial arts

By Leadership, Corporate culture, Culture of judo

We can’t always agree on everything. Nor, frankly, would it be desirable that we do.

Debate and disagreements are cornerstones of progress and innovation in all aspects of life and if it wasn’t for people disagreeing with each other from time to time — lone voices as well as groups of individuals large and small standing up against generally accepted views — many of the good and great things that we now take for granted — victories of reason such as human rights and modern science, for instance — would never have seen the light of day.

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