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A place at the table

By Leadership, Corporate culture

I was in my mid-twenties, with very little business experience.  Like many young people that age, I was keen to prove to myself and others that I could contribute in useful ways but had nothing remarkable to point to that would give me any special claim to anyone’s attention. I had potential as we all do, but that potential was still completely unrealized from a professional standpoint and could easily have remained so.

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A case study in systemic discrimination – with some useful lessons for our time

By Social responsibility

I wade today into the fraught topic of systemic racism and discrimination. I do so because I believe systemic racism exists and that it can be fought. It is my contention in this article that when a minority faces systemic disadvantages, which are the flip side of the dominant group’s entrenched privileges, good will and warm feelings alone are not sufficient to disrupt the status quo.

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Struggling with your preferred language

By Corporate culture

I was chatting with a colleague a few days ago. He was telling me about the way he likes to scrutinize the numbers every single day and I was telling him how I really don’t. “I’m a mathematician by training”, he offered. “I like numbers.” “I’m a lawyer by background”, I replied. “I like words.” What ensued was one of the most interesting conversations I’ve had in a long time.

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